Mc Kelly's story begins at the end of 1700, when David Mc Kelly, the son of a Scottish Anglican priest decided to leave his native town to study at the important college Balliol in Oxford, where in 1754 during the lectures, he met Adam Smith professor of moral phylosophy and the father of English economy.
Mr Mc Kelly Since then, he was interested in economic politics. Later on in 1765 he met Jeffrey Burns a banker who became his daughter's future husband and with him he will start a financial advising company. To day Mc Kelly & Burns have officies either in London or in Italy, as in Palermo, where they dealt with financial communication for the bank system and Italian insurances, business communication, free and compulsory. Investor relation, media relation, workshop or roadshow, financial and editorial formation. In this way, the company is the ideal partner to support the fimrs and the financial companies in their communication and managment of media relation together with the international community press. "A good communication is considered the half work" that's what Mc Kelly always repeated.

financial communication
corporate social responsability
public affairs
corporate communication
crisis management